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Emeritus Consultant in Neurosurgery at Indraprastha Apollo Hospital, Delhi
Consultant and Head, Radiation Oncology, Artemis Health Institute, Gurgaon
Consultant Surgical Oncologist, KLES Dr. Prabhakar Kore Hospital & MRC, Belgaum...




The World Health Organization has propelled a drive to try to blot out...


The Indian Supreme Court has prohibited clinical trials of new drugs until a proper...


The use of disposable gowns and gloves in the ICU by health care workers can cut down MRSA...

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The best and most efficient pharmacy is within your own system. 

~Robert C. Peale


Should corporate hospitals be forced to provide free treatment to 20% of their patients?:

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  Syphilis is a sexually transmitted disease caused by the bacteria Treponema pallidum. It is...
The main symptom is pain in the abdomen, which classically begins around the umbilicus and soon...
Aging: Normally over 60 years, some hearing loss especially at higher frequencies starts. The...